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Mahlako Energy Fund

The Fund will invest in projects and companies involved in the energy value chain. It aims to address the shortage of black capital and meaningful black participation in the energy sector, whilst making impactful investments with above market returns.


Investment Strategy

Mahlako Financial Services follows a thorough and methodical process when evaluating investments from screening to execution.


We aim to achieve superior long-term returns on capital deployed through equity and quasi equity investments in economic infrastructure companies and projects. We focus exclusively on high-value, low-risk, long-term projects.

Portfolio Construction

The Fund’s portfolio construction and investment selection criteria ensure that capital will be allocated in each subsector of the energy value chain in investments whose mix reflects the best balance of risk adjusted returns for the Fund.

Renewable Energy

The Fund invests in operating and greenfield renewable energy assets. It invests in companies servicing the renewable energy sector through the renewable value chain.

Energy Services

The Fund invests in companies involved in rooftop solar PV and energy storage as well as those involved in energy efficiency.


The Fund invests in storage facilities and other infrastructure in the gas sector.

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Appropriate and responsible financial structuring

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