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ESMS System

Mahlako recognises that the management of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues is an important component to mitigate risk, protect capital and create value.


We believe that through evaluating and managing the ESG aspects of our investments, we can better understand and manage opportunities and risks, thereby enhancing long-term returns for our investors whilst fulfilling our fiduciary roles. To achieve this Mahlako implements an Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) within the overall investment process.

To ensure that ESG considerations are fully integrated into Fund investment processes and decision making, Mahlako is committed to the following:

Incorporating and assessing ESG factors (both ESG risks and opportunities) of all prospective and existing investments as an integral part of the investment and decision-making processes.

Allocating the necessary resources to ensure adequate implementation and management of ESG issues, including the appointment of external resources and technical partners, where applicable.

Assisting portfolio companies in developing and implementing ESG Action Plans (ESAP) to address any areas of non-compliance with the applicable ESG requirements, as set out in the Fund’s ESG Policy.

Monitoring, evaluating, and reporting on Fund ESG performance against set objectives to drive lessons learnt and ensure continual improvement.

Seeking appropriate disclosure on ESG aspects from portfolio companies.