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Mahlako Financial Services is a South African alternative investments fund manager established by two dynamic African women

“Growth takes energy, transforming our

world to a more prosperous, sustainable,

and inclusive one will take not just the energy generated from solar, gas,

hydro and geothermal sources, but the energy of individuals

who are dedicated to it.

Mahlako’s Energy Fund invests in businesses and energy projects

with great growth potential, providing above-inflation returns and capital

downside protection in the energy value chain.

Who Is Mahlako Financial Services

Mahlako Financial Services (Pty) Ltd (“the Fund Manager”) is an African women owned, alternative investment management firm focused on socio-economic developmental assets, which delivers sustainable impact and a superior risk adjusted return profile over the long term.

Mahlako A Phahla Financial Services is raising capital for its maiden fund the Mahlako Energy Fund (the “Fund”) with a target size of ZAR1.75 billion at final closing. The Fund is a discretionary managed fund investing in projects and businesses in the energy value chain focussing on renewable energy, gas, and energy services.

The Manager aims to generate above inflation growth on investments. The Fund will aim to facilitate a more liberalised and socially representative energy sector by providing structured equity financing solutions to energy projects and companies.
The Manager’s investment process places great importance on the selection of investments, including their returns profile; developmental impact and other Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) considerations. The Manager will conduct intensive due diligence investigations of potential investments and select only those opportunities that meet the Fund’s stringent criteria.
The Fund’s core strategy is to work with experienced energy asset managers and developers – whether in solar, wind, hydro, energy efficiency or others – throughout the life of each investment.

Mahlako Track Record

50 years combined experience. Advised on landmark Energy projects and managed over ZAR4 billion in funds

Recently concluded a 10 MW solar PV farm flagship energy wheeling project. with Amazon Web Services.

Solar PV 182.5 MW under management. Mahlako was part of the first project of the REIPPP program to be refinanced.

Mahlako advised and concluded two energy Strategic Infrastructure Projects – SIPS 28 and 33

Wind: 140 MW of Wind developed

Mahlako Highlights

Mahlako Values

Everything we do at Mahlako Financial Services is guided by these values, which define our ethos, culture, and personality; they have been at the core of Mahlako since its inception. Mahlako Financial Services’ mission is rooted in deepening the participation of marginalised people, particularly Black women, in the South African and global economy. The company seeks to increase access to funding for Black companies, as their growth is central to creating a cohesive South Africa, driven by equal access to economic opportunity.


Placing emphasis on developmental investments with a pronounced economic multiplier effect.


Creating a lasting legacy by making investments that will have a positive impact on future generations.


Creating and retaining jobs, alleviating poverty and investing in rural development.


Achieving retentive transformation and profitability.


Challenging investment norms by providing an environment conducive for new enterprise development, alongside skills development and transfer.

Mahlako Investment Philosophy

Mahlako Financial Services follows a thorough and methodical process when evaluating investments from screening to execution.

We aim to achieve superior long-term returns on capital deployed through equity and quasi equity investments in economic infrastructure companies and projects. We focus exclusively on high-value, low-risk, long-term projects.