Close But No Cigar – Post Budget Speech Analysis

By Thabiso Mofulatsi   The Budget highlighted the government’s commitment to fiscal consolidation. A budget proposing an Eskom total debt relief arrangement of R254 billion and an R903 billion projected spend over the medium term on Infrastructure. However, mute towards the new electricity minister and the national state of disaster   On 22 February 2023,… Continue reading Close But No Cigar – Post Budget Speech Analysis

The Toughest Budget Yet

By Thabiso Mofulatsi   Reliable, efficient, affordable and sustainable electrical infrastructure is crucial to investment and growth. The frequency and the intensity of loadshedding in recent months has increased the cost of doing business in South Africa to unsustainable levels, likely to result in reduced production and a contraction in the size of our economy.… Continue reading The Toughest Budget Yet

Unemployment Crisis in South Africa

By Khethelo Maphalala Most people assume that life’s advantages are natural and permanent. This false assumption of natural and permanent order is more evident in the workings of the South African economy than anywhere else. We walk around believing that some naturally occurring phenomena ordain us to live the lives we live. Our privilege is… Continue reading Unemployment Crisis in South Africa

Empowering Young Individuals

By Sophie Maguy   I am a recent graduate from Stanford University, and this is my sixth internship. I have done them in-person and remote, international and domestic, in the public and private sectors, and it’s easier said than done to cultivate a culture which empowers youth.   This internship is part of the Stanford… Continue reading Empowering Young Individuals

Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights for an Equal Future

By Salome Mabuse CA(SA)   Every year, in August, our country marks Women’s Month. We also pay homage to the more than 20 000 women who marched to the Union Buildings on 9 August 1956. This month should be used as a moment to reflect on the lessons from the past and how these can… Continue reading Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights for an Equal Future

Reflections on Youth Day 2022

By Mbali Lavhelani   This year marks the 46th anniversary of the June 16 Soweto uprising and the theme for the year is Promoting sustainable livelihoods and resilience of young people for a better tomorrow the call to action will be for youth to forge resilience and pursue opportunities for a sustainable livelihood, today and… Continue reading Reflections on Youth Day 2022

The Link Between Energy and Freedom

By Kaelelo Mashilo CA(SA)   As South Africa celebrates Freedom Day, I am reminded of the words of the late South African liberation movement leader and activist Ahmed Kathrada at an event where he was invited to speak to young South Africans and I was fortunate enough to be in attendance. Central to Mr Kathrada’s… Continue reading The Link Between Energy and Freedom

ESG Trends 2022

In 2021, we saw an increased value placed on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) matters by governments, the business sector, and other stakeholders at the local and international levels. In the year ahead,these matters will continue to dominate and form part of key strategies for many companies and government agencies. This is due to the… Continue reading ESG Trends 2022